Facing My Fears

ShamekaBy Shameka Pollard -- Something amazing happened this summer.  I was able to complete my first sprint triathlon.  This is amazing because I could not swim.  Another issue was that I was not a stronger biker.  I attended one of Fleet Feet’s Triathlon Training information sessions and talked with Shahin. I told him my issues, and he encouraged me to train with them.  I started in June with Collin as my swim coach and Kyli as my bike coach.  I mentioned that I couldn’t swim, right?  That was an understatement because I was completely terrified of the water.  The truth is, I would have some serious panic attacks in the pool and it wasn’t pretty.  It was scary and very embarrassing.   It would have been so easy to quit because I started to think learning to swim and getting more comfortable in the water would never happen. READ MORE

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