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If you have an experience you'd like to share, please email us your story and pictures at, with the subject line, "Testimonial." We love hearing from happy Fleet Feet Knoxville Trainees!

FFK Family in England

p>Victoria Sloan is a Fleet Feet Knoxville Training program alum, who has since moved back to her home in England, where she is now a running coach herself! Read on to learn her story: Whe… Read More

The Fryes Change Everything

Many are hesitant to take that first step towards an active lifestyle.  May be they fear of the difficulties or the challenges along the way.  May be for fear of failing. … Read More

The Road To Kona

By Roy Fenstermaker-- I did my first sprint triathlon in July 2006, and in 2014 my wife and I went to Chattanooga to watch the inaugural Ironman.  I was so impressed with the athletes and… Read More

Facing My Fears

By Shameka Pollard -- Something amazing happened this summer.  I was able to complete my first sprint triathlon.  This is amazing because I could not swim.  Another issue was th… Read More

Fleet Feet's Number One Cheerleader

I discovered Fleet Feet Knoxville for the first time at the Run for the Deaf race in 2010. I was at the finish line after my husband Ken finished the race, and we were cheering on the last peo… Read More

SpeedPlay - Summer 2014

There's nothing quite like barreling around a track at sunrise to the sound of your own breath, practically feeling yourself getting faster. It's not easy, but when you push yourself each we… Read More

Fleet Feet Friendships

After months of training together in the Fleet Feet Knoxville long distance training program, these five gals just completed a marathon, proof that support and friendship are an important part… Read More

Training Together

Katie and Mike Dotson Training together as a couple is great. Training together as a couple with Fleet Feet is even better. The program pushes us individually as athletes as well as allows ea… Read More

I Will Finish!

Christy Kiefer It is official, I am only Half crazy! On Sunday, January 19 I ran my first half marathon, the Tinkerbell Half! I was very nervous but I had trained with Fleet Feet for two long… Read More