Track01.20 speedplay

Use this form to submit your results from the workout we just performed. Please remember that the workout included a warm up, dynamic warm up, main set, dynamic cool down and cool down. We only need data from the main set portion.

Tuesday, 1/20/15 at Farragut HS Track at 6:00 pm

Test Objective: Speed play to introduce various paces: Easy-Maintenance pace (E), Threshold pace (T), and VO2Max pace (VO2max).   Run your E pace easier.  Run your T pace on target.  run towards your VO2max.  Every one was given their suggested E, T, and VO2max paces.

Workout Details:

Warmup:  1M easy running + few minutes of dynamic warm-up;

Main set: 2-3 x (1 lap @E + 1 lap @T + 1 lap @E + 1 lap @VO2max); rest 1 min.  repeat

Cool-down:  1/2 mile easy running + dynamic stretching + core.



E.g. 2 or 3
E.g. 25:00 (just for the main set)
Please give us a number based on the Rate of Perceived Effort (RPE) scale. *see chart below

*RPE Scale:

  • 1-3 = little to no effort
  • 4 = light - warm up and cool down
  • 5 = light - warm up and cool down
  • 6 = maintenance day - conversational
  • 7 = maintenance day - conversational
  • 8 = threshold/speed days - challenging
  • 9 = threshold/speed days - challenging
  • 10 = Very Hard - Almost never used

What were your lap times?

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