Triathlon Programs

Triathlon is a multifaceted sport requiring endurance, strength, and skill to conquer its three disciplines. It is the ultimate cross-training challenge. All of our comprehensive Triathlon programs include swim instruction and training sessions, bike and run workouts, transition clinics, and a race day preparation workshop.

We offer triathlon training for beginner to intermediate triathletes, from those just learning to swim to those ready to conquer an open water triathlon.

The Fleet Feet training programs have been amazing, which is why I keep coming back!  I did not realize how much I missed working with a coach and training with a "team".  There are so many things I love about the training programs, starting with the camaraderie and training with people who have similar goals and support me as I am working toward mine. The challenge of training with a diverse group of athletes that includes people who are faster than me that has helped me to continue to push myself and improve.

- Debbie Sayers, Fleet Feet Knoxville triathlete

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