Earning Points

Earn points for participating in Fleet Feet Sports Knoxville events! These points are redeemable for vouchers to the store, and cool Fleet Feet Sports Knoxville gear. Each event is worth 1 point for attending, but stay tuned for additional opportunities to earn points.

Point System

  • 1 - Key tag
  • 5 - $5 Fleet Feet Bucks
  • 8 - water bottle
  • 10 - $10 Fleet Feet Bucks
  • 15 - Fleet Feet Shirt
  • more prizes to be announced!

Start Earning Points

STEP 1: Join either our Open Group (free) or Fleet Feet Knoxville Racing ($45).

Both groups are able to earn points, but Fleet Feet Knoxville Racing has more opportunities to earn points, plus many other benefits not included in our Open Group.

Joining the Open Group:

  1. Visit  www.fitvil.com/group/2763-fleetfeetknoxvilleopengroup2017/
  2. Select the orange “Register Now” button in the top right.
  3. If you have trained with us before, select “I’m A Fitvil Member.” If you haven’t, select “I’m a New User.”
  4. Fill out the information requested.
  5. Select “Join” to complete the registration process.

STEP 2: Check In to Earn Points

There are multiple ways to check in, so please make sure to do so every time you attend one of our events so you can get credit.

Ways to check in:

  1. With a coach, workout leader, or volunteer
  2. Scan your card or type in your email/username at the check in station
  3. On the Fitvil app on your phone

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