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Hot, Hotter, Hottest Gear Guide

In the heat of the summer, your daily run can feel harder than usual. You are much more susceptible to dehydration and overheating than you are during the rest of the year, so it's important that you take steps to stay cool and hydrated. If you're a "salty" sweater, it's also important to revisit your nutrition plan for longer workouts (an hour or more) to make sure you're taking in enough electrolytes to make up for the increased loss through sweating.

HOT | 70° - 80° F

Ideal Pieces: Even in the winter your feet sweat a lot, so in the summer it's especially important to have a good pair of socks. Moisture-wicking fabric is a must, it will keep you from feeling soggy as you sweat. Body Glide is also great for the rest of the body to help prevent hot spots and chaffing in areas where there is a lot of friction, such as on the thighs and around the sports sports bra. Capri's or shorts and a short-sleeved shirt will keep your body cool, and a brimmed hat and sunglasses will protect your face and eyes from the harsh summer sun. A small, handheld water bottle is also a good idea to take with you so you'll have water or a sports drink close at hand. In addition to water, stay hydrated with electrolyte replacements before, during or after your run. 


Women (clockwise starting at top left): Moving Comfort Fiona bra, Under Armour Streaker Tank, Skratch Exercise Hydratioin Mix, Headsweats Super Visor, Skirt Sports Jette Capri Short, Balega Enduro No Show


Men (clockwise starting at top left): Brooks Seattle Collapsible hat, Zoot Chill Out Tee, Body Glide, Swiftwick Vibe socks, Amphipod Hydration Flash 120z water bottle, Zoot Board Short 7"

HOTTER | 80° - 90°F

​Ideal Pieces: Running socks are very important to help manage moisture on your feet, and if you're prone to blisters a little Body Glide or Run Guard can help a lot. Shorts and a sleeveless shirt are necessary to keep cool, and again a hat and sunglasses will help protect your face. You also might want to up the size of your water bottle to about 20 oz and take sodium and electrolyte supplements, since you'll be loosing more water in the higher heat.


Women (clockwise starting at top left): New Balance Ice Short Sleeve, Nike Pro Classic Bra, Brooks Chaser 5" Short, Tifosi Wisp sunglasses, Buff UV Headband, Drymax Thin Running socks, Hammer Endurolytes


Men (clockwise starting at top left): Tifosi Talos Fototec Light Adjusting Lens sunglasses, Nathan Speed Draw Plus 18oz water bottle, Brooks Sherpa 2-in-1 short, Balega Second Skin Ultra Light socks, Under Armour Run Singlet


Ideal Pieces: Low-rise running socks in a lighter weight material will help keep your feet cool and dry, and Run Guard will give you extra protection against blisters and chaffing. Shorts and a singlet or even no shirt will help you stay cool, just remember to wear sunscreen! To protect your face, a hat or visor and sunglasses are a great idea. A hydration belt filled with water and electrolyte supplement such as Nuun, is also something to think about since it will help you carry more fluid that you could with a handheld while still being manageable.


Women (clockwise starting at top left): Zoot West Coast Singlet, Headsweats Race Hat, Under Armour Breathe bra, New Balance Impact 3" Short, Feetures Ultra Light Merino+ Blend, Nuun Active


Men (clockwise starting at top left): Zoot West Coast Sleeveless Tee, Nathan Trail Mix hydration belt, Nip Guard, Run Guard, Headsweats Supervisor White Grid visor, Nike Wildhorse 5" Short, Feetures Ultra Light socks

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