Cold, Colder, Coldest Gear Guide

Don't let this cold weather put a damper on your training. We've put together this handy guide to help you know how to choose the right gear based on the weather conditions outside. We've broken up apparel and accessory pieces based upon temperature ranges, but make sure you take into consideration if you heat up easily or if you are a bit cold natured and build your gear from there. 

Now that you’ve read our article Cold Weather Running Tips, we’ve organized some of our apparel and accessories we have in-store to help you prepare for the chilly weather. For the most part, if you follow these rules, you will do great:

1. Dress in Layers. Focusing on keeping your core and extremities warm (your hands and feet) and have some kind of cover over your ears and head, you will do great.

2: Dress for 10˚ warmer than it is outside. If it is 40˚F out, dress as if it is 50. You will warm up as the run/walk progresses.

3: Always consider the time of day, weather conditions, your own body temperature. Remember it is going to be cooler in the early morning and night. Weather conditions like rain, wind or sun will also alter what specific top layers you consider.

COLD | 50˚– 40˚F

Ideal pieces: Long or short sleeved technical tops as a base layer, 1/2 zips, shell jackets as your second layer, shorts, technical capris or pants. We really like to pair shorts with compression socks for support and warmth. A knit hat or headband is a good idea if your ears are sensitive to the cold.

Women (from left to right): Brooks Greenlight capris, Nike Flash Gloves, Brooks Fremont Jacket

Men (from left to right): Saucony Run Lux Shorts, CEP Compression Socks, Asics PR printed long sleeve technical shirt

COLDER | 40˚– 32˚F

Ideal pieces: Long sleeved technical tops as your base layer, heavier weighted 1/2 zips or thicker shell jackets, technical pants or capris. A knit hat or headband is a definitely a good idea now, along with a neck gaiter to keep your neck warm and definitely some gloves.

Women (from left to right): Nike Epic Run Tightfit Leggings, Mizuno Alpha Long Sleeve Technical Shirt, Nike Dryfit Toboggan


Men (from left to right): Nike Power Leggings, Mizuno Warmalite Gloves, Nike Therma 1/2 zip, Boco Gear Tobaggan


Ideal pieces: Heavier weighted long sleeved technical tops as your base layer, heavier weighted 1/2 zips or thicker jackets, technical pants, possibly paired with thermal tights. Pair the technical pants with compression socks for extra support and warmth. A warmer insulated hat and heavier gloves are a must and an insulated neck gaiter to keep you neck warm.

Women (from left to right): Feetures Ultra Light Crew Socks, Aztec print Buff headwear, Saucony Ulti-Mitt mittens, Saucony VitaRun Jacket, Nike Shield Leggings


Men (from left to right): Saucony Omni LX Tights, Boco Gear Technical Converter Mitts and Gloves,Saucony VitaRun jacket, Boco Gear Tobaggan


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