Beat the Summer Heat With These Hydration Products

Now that the summer is in full swing, it is more important than ever to stay hydrated. Not only do you need to up your water intake but you also need to make sure you are watching your electrolyte intake as well. Salty after a long workout - then you need to up your electrolyte intake? The body needs salt and potassium and other nutrients a.k.a. electrolytes, to absorb all that water you're drinking.

At Fleet Feet Knoxville, we're here to help you stay hydrated. Check out these hydration products we have in store for you this summer to keep you performance top notch. If there is something new you’d like to try, just make sure you test it before race day to make sure it agrees with your body!

Gatorade Endurance was originally exclusively for college and pro athletes and now they've released it for the everyday athlete. An elite line hydration products, the Gatorade Endurance line of products delivers the fuel, fluids and nutrients elite athletes need before, during and after a workout, practice or competition. Their line features hydration products for every part of your workout: Before, during and after activity to keep you feeling good all day, boost your electrolytes to keep the cramps away and glycogen and protein restoration for muscle recovery after you workout.

What’s so great about Gatorade Endurance when you can just get regular old Gatorade, anyway? Check out the diagram below to see how Gatorade Endurance is takes hydration to the next level.

Nuun:  Nuun tablets are great for those who want to watch their caloric intake but still need to optimal hydration by replenishing those all-important electrolytes. Plus, they are fun to drop the tablets in your water bottle and watch them fizz until they dissolve! Nuun comes in a super compact tube with 12 tablets so you can carry them with you and just drop them in your water when you need them. At Fleet Feet Knoxville, we have tons of flavors to chose from including fruit punch, pink lemonade, cherry limeade and more!

Want to learn more about hydration – check out Nuun’s website for some great Hydration FAQ’s!

HAMMER HEED: With a variety of flavors available in single serve and a large container, HEED can help keep you going on those hot summer days. Grab a couple of our single serves to see what flavor is your favorite!

HAMMER PERPETUEM: Perpetuem is great for those that are perpetually training – especially if your workout or your race is going to exceed 2 hours. Perpetuem keeps you going through it’s combination of complex carbohydrates, GMO-free soy protein, healthy fats, and key auxiliary nutrients such as sodium phosphate - helps maintain optimal athletic performance.

So now that you have your fluids figured out, what are you going to use to carry them around? We have a fantastic selection of handhelds, hydration belts, insulated and flip top water bottles and packs by Amphipod, Fuel Belt, IFitness and Nathan. Come by today to check them out!

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