Newton Action/Reaction Technology




Made with Action/Reaction technology, Newton Running shoes help reduce impact, return energy, and propel you forward! Newton running shoes encourage an optimal running form, creating less stress and shock with a midfoot strike, than a heel strike.

Newton's Land, Lever, Lift method makes running more efficient as you land on the midfoot instead of the heel, thus reducing shock, and sending stored energy to help you keep going. This revolutionary way of building a shoe is based on Sir Issac Newton's Third Law of Motion; "For every ACTION, there is an equal and opposite REACTION".

Newton Running Technology


Newton Running Land Lever Lift Lug Technology

    • Absorbs impact and adds responsiveness through patented dynamic movement system
    • The secret to newton’s distinctive POP sensation
    • 5 Lugs engage to activate trampoline membrane for energy return
    • Enjoy enhanced ground feel efficiency and comfort
    • New broader POP 1 platform accommodates natural foot function

Extended medial bridge

    • A broad stability platform that supports without overcorrection
    • Matches shoes to foot shape through advanced architecture and materials
    • Accommodates higher volume feet
    • Supports flatter arches and over pronation

Light and level

    • Newtons ease you into your most natural stride
    • Low heel to forefoot drop
    • The right underfoot protection
    • A uniquely supportive shoe that gets out of your way

Whole foot protection

    • Heel enabled action reaction technology
    • Rear foot cushioning when you need it
    • Rebound when you want it
    • Versatility for all gaits

Newton Running


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