Featured Products | June 2016

Brooks Ghost 9

The all new Ghost 9 has been updated and is better than ever! This scary good classic hits the sweet spot of balanced cushioning. The Ghost 9 delivers an incredibly smooth ride - the result of soft, protective cushioning and a fully-segmented crash pad. For this edition, Brooks gave it a new plush interior and refined the engineered mesh upper to deliver a seamless, supportive, and adaptable fit that feels lighter than ever before.

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Ghost 9

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How Do You Hydrate?

It's always important for runners to stay hydrated, but as the weather heats up it becomes even more important keep your body well hydrated, before, during, and after your workout. Dehydration is the leading cause of injury because it impacts so much of your body's core functions. It can also hinder mental toughness, an essential component to any run. Check out the chart below for some simple tips on how to properly hydrate for your best run yet.

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Run Like Water

Visit our Hot Weather Hydration Tips page to learn how to calculate your sweat rate and build a hydration plan for you.

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