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Triathlon Clinics

Black Bear Sprint Triathlon Clinic

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Join us this summer for a Triathlon clinic, led by Fleet Feet Knoxville triathletes. We will discuss tips and tricks for having a great race and a smooth transition. These clinics are free and open to the public.

2019 Triathlon Clinic Schedule

Race ClinicDateTimeLocation
TriDeltathon Sprint Triathlon Clinic Fri 04.12.19 6:30 pm Fleet Feet Knoxville
TriDeltathon Sprint Triathlon Clinic Sat 04.13.19 6:30 pm UT Aquatic Center
Lakeside of the Smokies Olympic/Sprint Triathlon Clinic Thurs 05.09.19 6:30pm Fleet Feet Knoxville
Foothills Sprint Triathlon Clinic Sun 05.26.19 4:00pm Fleet Feet Knoxville
Black Bear Sprint Triathlon Clinic Fri 08.02.19 6:00pm Fleet Feet Knoxville
Storm the Fort Triathlon Clinic Thurs 08.22.19 6:30pm Fleet Feet Knoxville

Hungry for more? Take a look at our Triathlon Checklist to make sure you're prepared, and think about joining one of our triathlon training programs to make your next race even better!

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