September 2014 - Identify and Prevent Injury

In-store educational seminar

Every month we'll explore a new fitness-related topic, to help us train smarter and become better athletes. 30 - 45 minute discussions are led by knowledgeable speakers and we will cover a range of topics, from injury prevention to proper nutrition.

September Topic: Running Injuries, How to Identify and Prevention Techniques

Speaker: Andy Baksa, PT, DPT

Date: Thursday, September 18th

Time: 7:00 pm

Physical therapist Andy Baksa of Results Physiotherapy will be joining us after our SuperCaper Fun Run to discuss the four stages of running injuries that can tell the runner when it is appropriate to continue running, when they likely need to stop and ask for advice, when they need to call a physical therapist, and when they need to see a medical doctor. Andy will also demonstrate specific strengthening exercises that can help prevent injury, and talk about why they work and how often to include them in your training plan.

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