Medical Outreach

Fleet Feet Sports works closely with the Medical Community in helping those who have injuries or foot problems. Utilizing the Fleet Feet Sports Personal Footwear Fit Process, our staff is trained to assist customers in finding appropriate footwear, socks and inserts to meet their individual needs.

Services Provided to Medical Professionals

  • Fleet Feet Sports has custom Prescription Pads to help medical professionals refer patients to our store. Prescriptions have store directions, hours and contact information.

  • Coming this Fall, we will host Fleet Feet Sports Medical Nights, which cover important updates on Fleet Feet Sports products and services as well as a keynote address of interest to a broad range of medical professionals. This event is open to all medical professionals interested in attending.

To request materials or for more information, contact Kelly Ross, Marketing Director via email at

View the video below to find out more about how we help our customers: