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faithFaith Russell | "Anything is possible with a little Faith... Meet Faith, a 9 year old little girl with spina bifida.  It all began with a scary diagnosis at her mother's 20 week ultra sound.  The doctors told her parents that she had the most severe form of spina bifida.  They were told she would never walk, that she would have severe mental delays, and gave them the option to abort the pregnancy.  Her parents chose life.  This little girl has no mental delays, and is now walking 5ks. She wants to show others that no matter what obstacles they face, they can overcome them.  Her motto is we don't have to finish first, but we do have to finish!  She participated in her first race in March 2014, and has now crossed 18 finish lines.  Her goal is to participate in at least one 5k per month.  She has a large group of supporters that follow her journey on her Team Faith Facebook page.   After a running group from Canada saw her Facebook page, they asked her to come to Canada this past August to participate in a Team Faith Canada 5k.  So not only is she inspiring people here in the US, but also now in Canada.  For the past two years she has chosen to have a Team Faith 5k instead of a birthday party.  In lieu of birthday gifts, she asks all participants to bring an item to put in an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox.  These shoeboxes are sent to children in need all over the world.  She is an amazing little girl with a huge heart, and the strong desire to help others.  This little girl has inspired me and so many others by her determination.  She is unstoppable.  She is strong.  She is courageous.  She is a miracle." - Robin Russell, mother

teresaTeresa Williams | "Teresa Williams is an inspiration to runners and anyone who has ever had to overcome and injury. She truly is one in a million!   Every year she inspires other employees to participate in wellness activities on and off site but this year she had an exceptional hurdle to overcome. During her training for the Knoxville marathon relay, she suffered a fractured hip.  But this didn’t prevent her from using a walker to complete her leg of the course.   During her recovery she encouraged others to get up and move and not let anything hold them back from achieving success. We can always depend on Teresa, who never ceases to amaze us at how she goes above and beyond to make her journey a success and bring others along for the ride. I  nominate Teresa because her passion for running and spirit to succeed are contagious to all who come in contact with her no matter if she is a volunteer at a race or running one herself. I am proud to call Teresa and friend and coworker and thankful for her extraordinary spirit." - Kathryn Pittman, friend

vicky and melissaVicky Wallace & Melissa Peplow | "Vicky Wallace and her Team Two For One teammate, Melissa Peplow, do not know the meaning of the word "can't." They are ready to tackle any obstacle, whether it's martial arts, or marathons. Being wheelchair bound doesn't matter for Vicky. The very real possibility of another stroke doesn't matter. Melissa is legally blind, and Vicky runs in her wheelchair (not a handcycle) with only the use of one arm and one leg, while Melissa helps to push her. And to top it all off, every step Vicky and Melissa take are taken for someone, usually a child, who can't. They sends her medals to children, often in the hospital, and visits whenever she can." - Nicole Howe, friend

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