Donations & Sponsorship Requests

Thank you for reaching out to us to help support your cause. We receive 10-20 requests per week for donations and event sponsorship and we consider every event submitted. However, we cannot accept requests that are submitted within 30 days of the event date. We review all event requests at the beginning of each month.

Additionally, please note that your request is for donations only from Fleet Feet Knoxville.

If you are requesting any type of donation or sponsorship from Fleet Feet Knoxville please fill out the application in full.  Please provide clear, concise, and detailed information about your event and the type of support you are seeking from Fleet Feet Knoxville.  We support over 100 events per year and need to be selective to ensure we are sponsoring causes that are a good fit for both the organization and Fleet Feet Knoxville.

NOTE: A completed application is not an agreement to honor your request.


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